Long Golf Tee


Plastic tee, flexible and sturdy, it remains planted after each shot. Whether used with a driver or a fairway wood, the Tee-Time golf tee never flies away.

IMPORTANT: The Driving part for long tee is required for planting the long tee.

The Long Tee can be used with the 25, 38 and 48 mm height end cap.

The advantages of the Tee-Time tee


The material of the Tee-Time golf tee makes it sturdy and unbreakable to your various strikesLorem ipsum dolor sit amet


With its flexibility, your clubs encounter no resistance against the Tee-Time golf tee when you strike


The drive-in piece allows you to easily plant your Tee-Time golf tee, whatever the terrain.


Thanks to its new material, the flexibility of the Tee-Time golf tee allows it not to fly away when you play.


The Tee-time golf tee has an unlimited life span. Unbreakable, it doesn't pollute the tee-off and nature


Plant your Tee-Time golf tee at any height thanks to the different height tips

Demonstration videos

Advantages of the Tee-Time golf tee

Discover in this video the qualities of the Tee-Time golf tee compared to a classic tee. More flexible and sturdier, the Tee-Time tee does not fly away and remains planted after each tee-off.

Setting up the Tee-Time golf tee

You can see in this video how to use the Tee-Time golf tee with its drive piece and height tip. The planting of the tee is made easier thanks to its driving piece. Thanks to the height tip, your golf tee will always keep the same height at each tee-off.

Technical information

How do I use the Golf Tee-Time tee?

  1. Push the driver into the Tee-Time Tee to the bottom of the hard black tip
  2. Hold the assembly in your hand, using your index and middle fingers to hold the tee in place with the driver at the bottom of the socket
  3. Push your Tee-Time tee into the ground as straight as possible up to the desired height (you can possibly make a rotation with your wrist when setting up with the anti-rotation system “tip/stem”, in harder ground, take your ball to lay on the top of the driving piece, which will give you more strength to drive the tee)
  4. Once your golf tee is planted, remove the driver and place your ball on top of the tee
  5. To retrieve your Tee-Time tee, use your thumb and forefinger

How do I use the Golf Tee-Time tee with height tips?

The height tips can also be used in the same conditions and your ball will be positioned at the right height for the game.

How do I maintain the Golf Tee-Time tee?

  • Always put your drive piece back into its tee time tee once it’s used, and that way you’ll be ready for the next start
  • If the Tee Te-Time does not sink in properly, clean it with warm water (soaking) and rinse thoroughly, tap the Tee on a hard surface to remove dirt, with the Tee tip pointing upwards
  • Please note that this product is not suitable for children.

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