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Developed by a passionate golfer, this new golf tee brings innovation and offers real comfort and pleasure to golfers!

Golfeur devant son tee et se balle de golf

I discovered the practice of golf about fifteen years ago, in a classic way during my holidays, and then nothing more….

10 years ago I had the opportunity with my wife to do a golf learning assignment for a week. I was able to rediscover this sport, the pleasure and well-being of playing golf.

I understood that this sport was in line with my values and what I loved. To be able to be outdoors and practice walking, to meet passionate people like me and to be able to exchange and share our respective visions. Golf also makes it possible to create new social bonds.

Golf requires concentration, you are alone in front of your ball. Training helps you to improve yourself. The advice of a golf teacher and golfing friends has helped me to be more efficient in my game and to make my swing more powerful. What a satisfaction to have nice ball lengths.

However, doubts can arise with every shot, with every stance mistake, a badly positioned grip or simply a bad position of your head can make you miss the goal you have set yourself.

Beyond the disappointment, you keep going, you move forward and you cling to the game with the desire to always do better.

I love golf, its technicality, its versatility that allows you to work your body smoothly and disconnects you from the time of a game to everyday life. Of course, you leave your mobile in the locker room to stay focused.

I like friendly games where we have a bit of fun. Sharing conviviality while lowering your handicap before taking the friendship drink on hole 19. You don’t have to be a super champion and participate in competitions to live and feel the benefits of golf.

Sometimes the weather can be your ally or your enemy. The wind can upset you by changing the direction and length of your ball. Golf enriches you, the more you play it, the more you love it!

Golf Shangri-la’s Villingili resort & spa au Maldive

When I was on a departure, I noticed that my traditional tees were coming out of the ground with this constraint of always having to retrieve them, when I managed to find them!

I thought for a long time about a solution to avoid these constraints, I did a lot of research and made prototypes to build a finished product. It was a great entrepreneurial adventure that cost me hours and sometimes even nights to finalise a patent and have it validated.

It is my perfectionist character and my spirit of challenge that led me to search for the five-legged sheep. Long thought, will and a lot of passion to develop this idea of leaving golf tee-offs cleaner, without waste and how to stop having broken golf tees whether they are made of wood or plastic.

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