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Looking for power? Lacking consistency? Discover the many advantages of this innovative tee!

Tee-Time Golf Tee

No more need to force your golf tee. Flexible and sturdy, it remains in place after each shot. Whether used with a driver or a fairway wood, the Tee-Time golf tee never flies away.

The advantages of the Tee-Time golf tee are numerous. It is a sturdy tee made of soft material. It offers all the qualities of a classic tee but has the advantage of being an unbreakable golf tee that does not move when you tee off. You use only one tee for all your courses. This golf tee is eco-responsible and it is particularly suitable for golfers who are sensitive to nature since you no longer leave your tees on the tee, which is a problem during maintenance, especially for machines dedicated to mowing.

The new Tee-Time golf tee is tough and unbreakable. It has all the qualities of the classic wooden and plastic golf tees. It is easy to maintain and is especially suitable for golfers who want to keep their tees.

Golf ball on a tee

A new material that gives your golf tee flexibility over its entire height. Your tee stays in place for a more comfortable game.

Setting up the Tee-Time tee

1. Push the driver into the tee to position your ball at the chosen height.

Setting up the Tee-Time tee

2. Hold it in your hand with your index and middle fingers.

Setting up the Tee-Time tee

3. Push your Tee-Time tee into the ground to the desired height.

Setting up the Tee-Time tee

4. Once you have planted your golf tee, remove the driver and place your ball on top of the tee.

Tee-Time Golf Tee

A partir de 18,00

Drive your entire course from one tee!

No need to force your golf tee into place. Flexible and sturdy, it stays in place after every shot. Whether used with a driver or a fairway wood, the Tee-Time golf tee will never fly away.

For every two tees purchased, we include a 38mm tip with your order, which is very useful for positioning your tee at the right height!

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I like the idea of a tee that you don't look for and don't lose anymore! The height adjustment tools are a good idea too. The tee can be set in the ground very easily with the press-in piece and stays in place. To my knowledge, no one offers this type of product.


I say bravo for the innovation, the use is perfect. Very easy to use, especially in this hot period when the ground is hard, to be able to plant your tee easily is appreciable.

Olivier DAVID

Surprising that it is very innovative but it is. I did a course with only ONE tee!!! this has never happened to me before! No more waste and money saved in the long run too.


Convenient to plant even if it changes his habit.


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